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Well Pleased

RS Stokes Auto Service Customer Review

5 Stars!

Edmund Mc carthy Google Review

5 Stars!

Rosa Ortiz Google Review

I do not trust ANYONE to work on my car. I am not a master mechanic but with enough time on my hands, there isn't anything I can't fix and do it right. Since I've first owned a car, there is only 2 occasions I let someone else work on my car. The first time was when my girlfriends dad (who IS a master mechanic) told me she couldn't ride in my car until HE did the work it needed.

The second time was on a stretch of 49 straight days of work, I didn't have time. I needed a pulley replaced that was squealing and I didn't know how to do it off hand. It was on a car with a small amount of space to work, that required you reaching from underneath and having a wrench on both sides of the pulley. I don't have a lift, and I didn't have time. I took it here, fired it up and within seconds he could tell me what was broken, why it was broken, and how to fix it. I don't drive typical cars. I drive very old and uncommon cars, ones that not everyone no matter how long they've worked on cars have worked on.
The following morning, he called me back with a price for the part, and a price for the work. I gave him the go ahead and it was done the day the part showed up.

Now, that might not seem like a big deal, but it was done right, done well, and done fast. The price was fair, and the work was quality.

I have to take my next car somewhere as I'm again short on time, and I plan to take it here.

Patrick Hartge Google Review

Terry and Mr Stokes are the Truth they got my 1969 impala running like a brand new car!!!!!!!! I should have went to them 1st and not wasted time and money with guessing Mechanics.... !!!!! Highly recommend!!!!!

garry pulphus Google Review

My car was down so I called some places to get my car towed to get repaired gets my car towed and they couldn't fix it so I was out $125 dollars called around again to another shop. and got it towed. That was another $100 the towed guy ended up charging me less because I was stressed and maybe he felt sorry for me got it towed one more gin this time he charged me $80 . So I called stokes I told him just like I told the rest what i thought was wrong with my car and what i done to it to make it break down. He said I can help you I was saying to my self yeah rite.


So I got it towed to stokes auto shop

Tow guy only charged me $60. Tuesday just b4 closing the next day @ 2 my car was fixed I couldn't believe it. He said i can test drive it, hmm i can test drive it and i didn't even pay him yet. He is trustworthy , who do u know will let u test drive your car b4 u pay., mr. Stokes did and did what others couldn't do.

He is reasonable very very reasonable he's not out for the money
Shop with stokes I recommend them ( him)
I found my new mechanic

Tina Edwards Google Review

I love Stokes I recommend them to get the job done. They are the best I took my Lincoln to Mr. Stokes in he helped it was over heating in I had done so much I was ready to give up but I remember going having service done with him in the pass in was always happy at the end it's quick no wait in they are nice people and they service is the best thanks stokes I love your service you was the best of help and his prices are very reasonable

Jae Dye Google Review

Thorough, attentive and competent staff. Great services and good prices.

Jason Gordon Google Review

I was due for an emission test on my 2006 Ford Explorer but my "Chk Eng" light was illumninated and I knew it would not pass the test with it showing so thought I would visit an auto repair chain store at the mall since we were going shopping there a few Saturdays ago, and I did.

They tested it and said the gas cap was not holding pressure and I had some other issues as well, a wobbly tie rod and center link was also needed. Well, I just could not afford the price the chain store quoted me, at least not all at once so I postponed repairs since I had about three weeks until my emission sticker expired. In speaking with my neighbor, he suggested a visit to Stokes Auto Service, who is his mechanic shop, so I did. I had an inspection and conversation with Mr. Stokes and he advised me that for the immediate future, I could postpone the steering problem for a few weeks inasmuch as the steering problem wasn't that bad but the emissions should be done first. I agreed and shortly thereafter we proceeded.

They tested the gas cap and in actuality did pass the test but further testing to the Evap system, still showed a leak and Stokes found something called a "Vent Solenoid" part faulty and replaced it. So, after a couple of weeks of driving, and a final test, the "Check Engine" has not returned and I have passed the Emission test. If I just replaced the gas cap like the chain store said, it still would not have fixed the evap leak and "Check Engine" light. Thanks to Stokes Auto fixing only what was needed then. I will be returning to them for the rest of my needed repairs who's quote for this was less than the chain

A Google User Google Review

I live in the neighborhood and Mr. Stokes and Kerry, both are mechanics, and I can always count on them to make the correct diagnosis and the proper repair when needed. I know the job is properly done.

A Google User Google Review

4 Stars!

Daniel Osei Bonsu Google Review

Definitely a hidden gem. I tried all I could to pass Illinois emission, went to several shops and had about a 1000$ bucks worth of work done and still failed. Then a co worker recommended Stokes auto service. Stokes had my truck ready in about 2 hours and I passed. Needless to say I will be returning for any future auto repair needs. Very reasonable prices as well!!!!

Keith Langston Google Review

I have used Stokes’ as my mechanic for over 20 years. They have taken care of our families cars for the type of work needed. They are knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy. I’ll never need another mechanic as long as they stay in business.

A Google User Google Review

Rich & Kerry are the real deal! These two are as honest as the day is long. They don't try and sell you a bunch of unnecessary service that your car doesn't really need, and they go out of their way to explain the necessity of the repairs they do and provide detailed invoices. They are very reasonably priced compared to dealership service departments, and all the other chain auto repair places. What’s more, if a job is too technically involved and they don’t think they can effectively do it, they will recommend another competitor to help you. I HIGHLY recommend them for any and all related drivability service!

A Google User Google Review

I think Stokes Auto Service is undoubtedly the best garage on the south side. The service was very quick, the total bill was well laid out, and the owner and mechanic that worked one the car were happy and very willing to help explain everything that was replaced on my car. He sent a top of the line tow truck to get me when I was broke down and less than a day later, I received a phone call for my car. Easily the best garage I've used.

A Google User Google Review

I have been a customer of Stokes since moving into the neighborhood in 1996, and I give these two fellas top marks. Throughout our family's ownership of many vehicles, Stokes has tackled most all jobs, from “No Starts” to Emission test failure repairs and to both mechanical and electrical faults. Their knowledge and skill level is incomparable, and their rates are very reasonable and less expensive than car dealers' service departments. Above all, they are honest, which is difficult to find in car servicing these days. I look forward to working with them for many years to come!

A Google User Google Review

These guys are the best! Rich and Kerry can be trusted with your vehicle no matter the age or mileage. I have been going to them for 6 years and I will keep going for a lifetime. I have recently sold my home in the neighborhood and moved out but will keep going back to Stokeses for their great service no matter where I live. They are friendly and honest and that is why they have earned my business!

A Google User Google Review

Honest and knowledgeable! I have taken my car to several repair shops over the years, and I have never met a more honest mechanic shop. I decided to try Stokes because of a service engine soon light coming on and I was due to take my car for emissions testing next month. Rich & Kerry were able to quickly and accurately diagnose the problem and fix it the same day without charging me a small fortune. They have earned my business and my trust.

A Google User Google Review

Stokes Auto Service in Bridgeport is the greatest ever!! My 1995 Bonnieville broke down on me the other day at a stop light. Since I was in Bridgeport returning home from my friend’s, I had no idea where to have it towed to. Thankfully, my friend called a few friends for a referral and I had my car towed to Stokes. He immediately checked it out, and not only found the problem of why it died on me, but another ongoing problem of which over the last few years I had taken to numerous mechanics who couldn’t figure it out. He noticed the alternator in my car was not the correct one and the mechanic that installed it forced it in and cracked my Intake Manifold. I was shocked he figured this out, especially so quickly and I hadn’t even mentioned any other issues. He knew my car like the back of his hand!

My car was ready 2 days later and now is running like new! He was wonderful! He was spot-on in diagnosing my car within a couple of hours. He thoroughly explained everything to me. Their prices are fair and reasonable and I know he did quality work. I was very comfortable with him. He could have taken advantage of me since my car was towed there and I was “stuck”. But he didn’t. I know I would have paid much more for the same work elsewhere. Money is tight for me and he did all that work within my budget that we discussed.

Stokes Auto Service is professional, honest and I got the heartfelt feeling that he really cared about my safety (not the money) and wasn’t going to let me leave with a car that may have jeopardized my safety. And he didn’t know me from Adam!

I am so very happy that I have found a mechanic that I can trust! I will not go anywhere else, because being a woman; I have been ripped off by mechanics in the past. It will be a bit of a drive for me to use him, but totally worth it! He has a new happy customer for life! I cannot rave enough about Stokes Auto Service!!!!

Tina U
Evergreen Park

Tina Usher Google Review

Trust and confidence is the most important factor, and Stokes Auto Service delivers it time and time again. There is no other place in the Chicago land area that I would take my car for driveability problems. Thanks again.

A Google User Google Review

Have you ever had the trouble of an engine light on and need to pass an emissions test? Not to worry, Stokes had the knowledge and experience to fix the problem correctly the first time with excellent customer service and efficient solutions. I passed my EPA test the first time after they fixed it.

Brilliant46 Google Review

It's hard to find new words when rating a place that is reliable. I didn't have much experience with the mechanics, but they sure seemed nice enough. Rich is a really great guy, and he is really focussed on customer service, which makes the experience of repairs go much better!

T. Kiddachan Google Review

Muy bueno

eufemio de guandacareo Google Review

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